4 Features That Your Credit Card Reader Should Have

4 Features That Your Credit Card Reader Should Have

When looking for the type of credit card reader that you want to use, you will have to carry out research. This way you will get to know the various options that you have, and also compare and contrast their pros and cons.

The type of credit card reader for your business is going to differ depending on your industry. For example, merchants who do field work and are required to accept payment from clients onsite may not have similar requirements as a person operating from a boutique shop.

Main Features for a Credit Card Reader

Work efficiently

A good credit card reader should work efficiently. It should be easy to operate, and quickly decipher and transmit card data. The efficiency of a card reader enables the check-out process to be simple and less tedious for customers and employees and in return benefits your company.

It should ensure maximum data privacy

Customers need the assurance that their card information is quite secure anytime they make a purchase. If a company has a history of data breaches, it will affect the loyalty of its clients. Most customers avoid doing business with a company that has had such incidences.

It should accept other payment methods apart from credit cards

Most people don’t only use credit cards and cash to make payments. There are gift cards, debit cards, mobile and NFC payments. Being in a position to accept other forms of payments gives your clients a variety of options. It also offers chances of acquiring new customers who want to use the different methods of purchasing goods.

Should read EMV chips

Regarding privacy of data, credit card readers that can accept EMV chips give consumers peace of mind. EMV chips help in protecting the sensitive information of the consumer and thus avoids data breaches. The number of people using EMV cards of late is quite promising. Majority of U.S credit card holders nowadays carry an EMV card.

In the year 2016, a lot of merchants had not yet familiarized themselves with the EMV technology, and this was likely to frustrate customers who were EMV cardholders. Businesses should start introducing EMV cards since many people have already started using them.


Most credit cards vary in the terms they offer, but a majority of credit card readers have the same features. Once you know these features, it will be a lot easier choosing and expending the credit card.


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